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Help desk for life? No way! Put yourself on the path to IT fame with our handy tool. Want to be a Webmaster? Click it. How about a Systems Analyst? Click that one, too. Go ahead, click all of them if you want. Find the one that speaks to you. Let it speak even more when you discover how you can actually make it in that new role. Figure out the skills, experience and education you need to get on the path to become an IT guru. No one is stopping you; get started now!

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Typical tasks:
    Number of job openings

    The total number of job openings for this position in the last year

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    Salary potential

    The average salary that employers advertise for this job

    Typical experience

    The number of years of relevant prior work experience that employers want you to have

    Desired education

    The educational qualification that you need to have achieved in order to qualify for this job

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    Certification needed

    The professional certifications that employers expect you to have

      Skills to succeed

      The skills that employers expect you to have

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