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IT Elite

Find your secrIT society.

Dig deeper to discover a whole new world of exclusivity just for you: the IT professional. Go deep inside the fascinating, lucrative, yet somewhat bizarre world of IT. Experis will connect you.

Knights of Systems Analysts

Do you know the secret handshake of the Knights of Systems Analysts?

Mystic Order of Firewalls

Will you be able to get through? Experis can guide you through your IT career.

The Softmasons

There are many bizarre coding rituals and processes in the IT world. Experis can help you get in.

secrIT Job Search Strategies

Texting during an interview? You know better than that. But, you may have buried some of the finer points of looking for a job deep within your subconscious and are having a hard time remembering what to do. Don’t wander aimlessly. Read these life-changing tips.

Can I Wear a Hoodie to the Interview?

Probably not. Unless you invented Facebook.

Procrastinate here

4 Exit Strategies to Ensure Your Legacy

The time has come to say goodbye to another job. Here are a few ideas to leave a lasting impression.

Stop, Drop and Roll

How to Survive a Networking Event

Networking is the #1 way to find a job. It also sucks. Here are some tips for survival.

Build Your Smarts

Only 25% of users will read more, are you one of them? »

secrIT Industry Insights

Sure, you’re smart, but we bet you didn’t know all this stuff. It’s some of the latest research and info that we’d like to let you in on as part of our SecrIT society.

Information Security Skills Needed

Experis identifies the IT skills in demand around the world

Get The Scoop

Stable Job Market Predicted for Q2 2016

What’s happening in the job market? Are things looking up, down, the same, or sideways as 2016 marches along?.

Roll The Dice

Big Data = Big Opportunity

More information. More work to do. Companies are collecting data at a ridiculous rate, with no end in sight.

Earn Brownie Points

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