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Still Don’t Have a LinkedIn Profile?

Still Don’t Have a LinkedIn Profile?

Really? You still don’t have a LinkedIn profile? Get one. Almost every employer – some reports say up over 95% – is using LinkedIn in the hiring process. They could be using LinkedIn to recruit, find resumes or just find out more about you. LinkedIn is a social networking tool for your career that you can’t afford to ignore.

Still not convinced? Here are 3 reasons why you need to be on LinkedIn, starting today:

  1. Employers are avid LinkedIn users. As mentioned above, most employers are using LinkedIn. Whether it is to search for job candidates, confirm information or discover new information about a candidate, employers are busy on this site. LinkedIn provides a treasure trove of material. Don’t get left out. You can’t be found if you’re not there.
  2. LinkedIn lets you build your brand. You probably have a resume or CV, but a LinkedIn profile can add another dimension to your personal brand. The LinkedIn profile gives you an opportunity to have a “living” career story, complete with career details, accomplishments, skills, recommendations, work samples and more; much more than a normal resume can offer.
  3. Networking opportunities galore. LinkedIn is all about making connections. Connections can help you get jobs. You can connect/network with people you know, people you want to know, industry leaders, others with similar skills and interest, and the list goes on. Networking prospects can also be found in LinkedIn Groups. There are over 2 million groups on just about every career, industry and topic imaginable. Join a few and contribute to the discussion. You never know who you will meet. These contacts can be your link to your next job.

Hopefully, you’re ready. It’s easy to get started. For a quick start, read this blog post.