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5 Skills You Need to Keep Up with the Future Factory

Learn the skills you need to succeed in the next-gen digital manufacturing environment.  


Manufacturing has undergone many transformations, from dirty, dark and dangerous to advanced, digital and connected. Places where you may not have looked for a job in the past are now looking pretty good. And, good news…they are looking for you, too.

The potential for manufacturing to transform industries and drive economic growth has never been greater, thanks to the advancement of new technologies. But, with great growth comes a few challenges and a lot of opportunities; especially when it comes to jobs.

Employers are having a tough time filling many positions that will make up the manufacturing world of the future. There are many skills that are in demand, as well as new skills that are being required. Here are the top 5 skills sets expected to significantly increase in the next 3 years due to the influx of automation and advanced technologies:

  1. Technology/computer skills
  2. Digital skills
  3. Programming skills
  4. Working with tools and technology
  5. Critical thinking skills

How do you measure up? Think you’re ready to give the “new” manufacturing world a shot? Great – take a look at some of the advanced manufacturing jobs available now. Or, feel inspired with all the opportunities that lie ahead in the Future Factory and want to get on board? Get up to speed now. Here are some ideas to stay ahead of the curve:

  • Go back to school. Well, at least in some capacity. You may not need a new degree, but you may want to check out additional classes, certifications or training in specific areas. MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) can be a great source to find no-cost education on some of the hottest topics and skills.
  • Network. Talk to people in the advanced manufacturing industry. Ask questions about recent and/or upcoming changes that will impact the workforce.
  • Be ready to learn. Know your Learnability Quotient™. Take a free assessment to better understand how you learn as well as your desire and ability to grow and adapt to new circumstances.
  • Take chances. Be open to opportunities that allow you to upskill and cross-train. Manufacturing roles are constantly changing and evolving. To stay relevant and thrive, take advantage of every opportunity to learn new skills and train on new job tasks through employer-provided training and non-employer provided opportunities.

Learn more about the transformation in manufacturing by reviewing our latest paper “The Future Factor. Mapping the Skills That Will Power Manufacturing.”