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The Struggle is Real: IT Workers in Demand

The struggle is real for many employers. They can’t find workers with the skills they need. That’s excellent news for employees and job seekers, especially those with IT skills (ranked #2). Employers are looking for you. In fact, our latest ManpowerGroup Talent Shortage survey indicates 69% of employers in the U.S. are having difficulty filling jobs because of a shortage of talent. What skills do employers need most?


What skills are in demand?

Here’s the list of the top 10 roles U.S. employers are having the most difficulty finding.
1. Skilled Trades
2. IT
3. Sales & Marketing
4. Engineering
5. Accounting & Finance
6. Driving & Logistics
7. Construction
8. Customer Contact
9. Professionals
10. Healthcare

Since workers are in the driver’s seat for many needed skills, employers are scrambling to anticipate and meet employee demands. It's a great time to showcase your skills, prove your expertise and even be a little demanding when working out employment contracts and job offers. Know your value and prove your worth to potential employers by offering results, metrics and other positive data from previous work. It’s hard to argue with numbers.

And remember, even if your skills are in demand and employers are knocking down your door, that doesn’t mean you can remain complacent. The workplace is changing at a break-neck speed. You will need to keep evolving your skills. Always be on the lookout for ways to build your experience, learn the latest technologies and develop your soft skills, such as communication and leadership skills. You are in control of your career.

For more details, view the ManpowerGroup Talent Shortage Survey infographic. You’ll see how the talent shortage has climbed over time, what size companies are having the most difficulty as well as what workers want in a role. See where you fit in.

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