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5 Cliché Interview Answers That May Induce Vomiting

If you are looking to make an interviewer pull out some hair, slam a fist on the table or possibly even vomit, then look no further. Here are some sure-fire phrases to use during your interview that have been proven winners. The best times to bust out these replies could be during a question like, “What is your greatest strength?” or “Why are you the right candidate for this job?”

  1. I’m a perfectionist. Yep. Who doesn’t like a know-it-all, smarty pants? If you’re so perfect why are you looking for a job? Shouldn’t companies be falling all over themselves to hire you?
  2. I think out of the box. What does that even mean? Your ideas could be crazy as all get out. That doesn’t mean they are good. Everyone likes to think their ideas are unique.
  3. I’m a team player. OK. Good. I sincerely hope you are not a crazy, selfish hermit that can’t work with others.
  4. I’m a workaholic. Are you going to be moving in to the office because you can’t break away from the grind? If not, forget you.
  5. I’m a people person. That’s fine, but what kind of people. I bet all people don’t necessarily like you. No matter how much you think everyone likes you.

So, depending on the kind of reaction you want during an interview you may or may not want to reconsider your go-to answers.