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Variant Configuration Engineer

Location: Allen, Texas 75013
Posted:Fri, September 11, 2020
Salary:Up to US$0.0 per hour
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Variant configuration specialists ensure the functionality of product configurations by programming and testing these product configurations using the programming languages defined for this specific job. Pursuing successfully this job, variant configuration specialist needs to know the basic SAP standard and the organizations specific SAP Variant Configuration (VC) related programming.

This role description also includes two senior roles of variant configuration; Senior variant configuration specialist and Variant configuration development coordinator.

In the case of the Senior Variant configuration specialist, the role consists of demanding VC SAP related tasks that require expertise. He/she is therefore in charge of solving any kind of VC SAP problems or faults that might occur and not disposed by Variant configuration specialists.

In the case of the Variant configuration development coordinator, the role is to coordinate and participate in the work of a virtual team of some specific area (like electrification and control panels, purchased material and car and door production) throughout all supply units. Teams aim is to develop and provide global targets and principles for product configuration, harmonization and production planning.

Responsibilities and Key Activities
To provide the configuration of new products and releases.
To update the configuration of existing components based on the changes made by the PCM teams

The responsibilities for the Senior variant configuration specialist also include:
To update elevator level and component level configurations.
To update configuration with any kind of change scenario.
To pursue any complex process and product configurations Variant configuration specialist not able to solve.
To coach junior variant configuration specialists
In the case of short absence of Variant Configuration Manager, to act as VC deputy manager

The responsibilities for the Variant configuration development coordinator also include:

To give support and coordinate the work of all virtual team members in their VC tasks by providing the requested knowledge related to his/her specific area.
To ensure globally harmonized processes his/her specific area
To ensure the configurations are meeting the global level targets for product configuration, harmonization and production planning.

Performance Measures
Average CR lead time
Feedback rate

Behavioural Competences

Attention to procedure and guidelines: Values clearly defined procedures and guidelines in work. Easily adapts to rules and supervision. Works in a well-organized manner. Pays sufficient attention to details. Makes plans in line with established procedures and guidelines.
Collaborating: Shares information widely. Treats others with dignity and respect. Respects different needs and viewpoints. Creates trust and a sense of team spirit. Maintains confidentiality and holds to agreements. Admits own mistakes. Obtains co-operation by active listening and sensitivity towards situations and people. Establishes strong working relationships and effective internal and external networks. Achieves consensus, closes deals or discussions with clear understanding of agreement.
Conceptual thinking: Recognizes patterns and trends. Demonstrates an understanding of information in its broader context. Applies concepts and theories to practical situations. Generates theories and conceptual models to explain relationships between information. Simplifies complex information into a single, clear concept.
Cross-cultural awareness: Adopts a global outlook. Appreciates issues from the perspective of different cultures and countries. Relates effectively to individuals from different cultures. Demonstrates an understanding of how decisions may be perceived by people from different cultures. Monitors the impact of actions on people from different cultures.
Stress tolerance: Maintains composure when faced with unexpected problems. Works well under increasing time pressure. Keeps events in perspective and does not overreact. Shows calmness and control in difficult situations. Maintains focus on key objectives when under pressure.
Analysis and problem solving: Distinguishes between important information and irrelevant or minor details. Analysis information in a logical and systematic way. Identifies the cause or causes of a problem. Proposes practical solutions to address identified problems. Explores a range of possible solutions.

Professional Requirements

SAP basic knowledge and basic engineering knowledge.
In the case of senior variant configuration specialist, more deep knowledge on SAP and IT are required.

Entry-level requirements

At least B.Sc. in engineering
International communication skills
Basic (deep) knowledge of the order process flow
Basic (deep) knowledge of MS office tools

Specific issues always need to be trained
Organizations Products knowledge (general)
SAP standard VC functionality and the organizations specific way of using SAP VC.
SAP functionalities related to master data.
Organizations Code of Conduct

The Senior variant configuration specialist and Variant configuration development coordinator need to know the above mentioned on a deeper level. In addition, he/she need to have:
Deep understanding of order process flow and competence to debug and solve problems.
Deep knowledge of the CR processes and change scenarios and capability to test the required change scenario in the testing system after the product change.

ManpowerGroup is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE/AA)

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