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Control Room Operators

Location: Chandler, Arizona 85226
Posted:Fri, July 24, 2020
Salary:US$20.00 - US$24.00 per hour
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Scope and Applicability:
This procedure is for all Operations team. While a technician is in the control room they are considered a plant control room operator. They are expected to take the time to review all of the systems on site, including: HVAC, Mechanical, UPW, Electrical.

Schedule: Mon - Fri 7 am to 4 pm Days -

Mon - Fri 7 pm to 4 am Nights -

Control room operators are responsible for monitoring all alarm systems on the Chandler Intel Site while in the control room responsible for all alarms generated, past and present, on all alarm viewer. (Cimplicity, Niagra).
Required to practice three (3) way communications with techs responding in the field to quickly determine causes for alarms. Control room operators can note comments on alarms when the cause is determined for future control room operators.

Control Room Responsibilities.
A. ALL Technicians
1. Technician will log into the SPOC LOG book once they have taken over control of Control Room duties.
2. Technician will make sure the SPOC phone is on, charged and receiving calls. If the phone is not working, notify your manager and Facility Coordinator.
3. The first control room operator at the beginning of each shift, will review alarms and call out any alarms that had not been acknowledged within an hour before the scheduled start time of the oncoming shift.
4. The control room operator is not to leave the control room until physically relieved from the oncoming shift. Even if the oncoming person radios them to leave.
5. Review current/active alarms on Cimplicity and validate if acknowledged by craft.
6. Monitor and call out FMS alarms= Cimplicity/Niagra alarms.
7. Monitor and call out fire pump strobe alarms.
8. Review system over views by building, utilizing the critical alarm screens. Report any abnormalities or systems in alarm to the appropriate trade. If system is found OOS contact SM or SO in addition to trade.
9. Log any alarms that are designated as disregard by the operations technicians.
10. Receive, document, and coordinate all SPOC calls. All SPOC calls need to be documented in SPOC LOG book located in the control room with the date, time, urgency, description, requestors name and phone number. (Control room operator shall ask if SR was put in, if not direct requester to put in a SR).
11. Support operations team with helping operate equipment, turning equipment on/off or rotating equipment thru Cimplicity, Niagara, and Metasys for PMs and CMs. Monitoring systems while systems are being repaired.
12. Direct and assist contractors with sign-in / sign-out work process.
13. Conduct a clear pass down with the next control room operator that includes any ongoing activity, logs in the SPOC or Disregard Alarm log book.
14. Communicate any critical issues immediately with SM/ and SO. (EX: Clean room space OOS for DP, Temp, or pressure. Scrubber basin pH OOS high/low. CH2 outfall pH or Flow OOS high/low)

Records Management:
Technicians will maintain log book labeled SPOC LOG, this will be used to calls from the call center or directly from customer to us regarding any issues including but not limited to: Hot/Cold calls, restroom issues, spills, leaks, bee swarms.

Experis is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE/AA)

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